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I’m a passionate see-er of connections and beauty. I love details and learning about people and preserving their stories.

I have a background in fine art and that is what I create for each of my clients. 

I'm an introvert. When I follow people on social media it's because I'm genuinely interested. I care about connecting with people and building lasting relationships, photographing my clients year after year, watching their families grow and helping them create a legacy that will be past down through the generations. 

Hiking, adventures and travel are my happy place and I love it when sessions involve any of these, especially coastal Maine.  

To me photography isn't extraneous but essential because our time here is so brief. Families get older so fast and without creating tangible keepsakes like prints and albums, those memories fade. 

I'm fascinated with the connections we have with others but also with ourselves. How we move through the hard parts of life, how we learn who we are, and all the things we do with our learned resilience and the communities we create that empower us. To me, the stuff of art is the stuff of life. The real, sincere, beautifully messy, wonderful, simple, complicated, paradoxical human beings that we are.

I care about each and every one of my clients. I'm here to make art and capture your unique story in my own unique, sensitive style. You have a unique story--your life, your family, your children growing too fast, your love, your body, what makes you feel alive. Honor them and preserve them. 

I live in Vermont and I love to travel. Reach out and let me preserve your story.