Take care of all your memories...For you cannot relive them. — Bob Dylan

On A Personal Note

Hi! I’m Elisabeth and I’m a portrait, elopement, wedding, editorial, and real estate photographer in Vermont.

Although I do lots of different types of work, the unifying factor is my ability to clearly see and capture realness, depth, & connection (hello Scorpio Sun).

I see and capture what makes my clients distinct and unique, whether it's capturing real and emotional moments at your wedding, or aspects of your personality that will attract your ideal clients in a branding session, or showing you back to yourself in a way you have never seen before in a boudoir water session. Being a cheerleader for others and community building is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I love to create lasting heirlooms in custom wall galleries, prints, and albums that give my clients joy every day.

I rejected the corporate world and started my own business because I only want to be my true self, and I want that for you too. My journey started out with some pretty major downs and that has left me with an intense feeling of gratitude at every day, every deep conversation, every connection, and a bit of stick-it-to-the-patriarchy-ness. Connection is the best thing we can experience in life. It heals us, leaves us a lot bigger and stronger than we were. 


Professional photography is essential.

We're so surrounded by photography all day we tend to take it for granted but take a look around and you'll find that pretty much everything is fueled by photography. They might have only clicked on your LinkedIn profile because you had professional headshots taken, the things you buy because you can clearly see what it is (and it looks good), connecting with the friends and family you can't see in person, journalism and art that opens our eyes to the way things are and paves the way for social change. Photography is essential to our culture.

On A Professional Note


Elisabeth is a photographer and writer with a background in studio art, social justice, and journalism. Her photographs and writing have been published in Art New England, Yankee Magazine, Rutland Herald, Addison Independent, Babetown Collective, and more. She is working on a series of photography books. 



As an artist, I’m always digging for meaning under the surface–for the true feeling hidden by the crusted veneer of adulthood. I explore the juxtaposition of the inner environment with the outer or isolate my subject on as minimal a plane as possible. I’m always looking to strip away the layers of the unnecessary to isolate the truth. Color is a highly nuanced subject in and of itself, and I use it with purpose. Work is a success for me when it evokes a sense of time, place, movement. I want to link the viewer and subject inextricably together, bonding them with universal emotionality and hopefully compassion. I hope to make the world a little better with my art. The paradoxes of self and relationship, desire and aloneness, hurt, and otherness continuously interests me.

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