Take care of all your memories...For you cannot relive them. — Bob Dylan

Hi! I’m Elisabeth and I’m a portrait, elopement, wedding, editorial, and commercial photographer in Vermont. I see the beauty and poetry in my clients, in everyday real moments and connections and show it back to them. I love to make genuine connections and create lasting heirlooms that my clients will enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Connection, home, and family are the things I value most. That’s what brought me here. Call me sentimental and I’ll totally agree. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My journey started out with some pretty major downs and that has left me with an intense feeling of gratitude at every day, every deep conversation, every connection. Love is the best thing we can experience in life. It makes our hearts break, heals us, leaves us a lot bigger and stronger than we were. Love between couples, mother and daughter, and love for the self--I honor it all in my work.

I would love to meet you and preserve your unique journey in art.


I believe photography isn't extraneous but essential because our time here is so brief and to be alive is a pretty amazing thing. Time goes by and we get older so fast. If we don't value ourselves and our journey by taking the time to create tangible keepsakes we find years, sometimes decades have gone by and we don't have these things to look back on or show loved ones. I will capture you in a unique way--a way you've never seen yourself before.

I’m also pretty passionate about body positivity and empowering women.

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