Go Love Yourself Portrait Session | Paige | Vermont

For this portrait session we hiked to a fantastic place that looks like an amphitheater that nature reclaimed. It's actually an old quarry (yep, that's New England for ya). It rained all over us. As the sun set and the light waned, we had a gorgeous, moody shoot and I learned the story behind Paige's tattoo: her and her mother have matching "P.S. I love you" tattoos in each other's hand writing (scroll to the end). How sweet is that?

The very unique place that mother's have in our lives is fascinating to me and something I love to explore in my work. Every day Paige sees a hand written note from her mother, on her own skin, reminding her of her love. Reminding her her mother's love is always with her. 

Do you have a special story like this about your mom? I'd love to hear about it. Leave a note in the comments or shoot me an email at info@elisabethwaller.com.


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