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Boudoir | Aleena | Middlebury, Vermont

Just Breathe

I've written before about reclaiming the word boudoir. About redefining it as an appreciation of the self and normalizing of the human body and its perfection in all the forms that it takes. This is done for the self and not for anyone else.

Some people are interested in a boudoir/nude session but struggle with self-worth and negative body image or they just don't think they have a reason for doing it--"who is going to even see this?" They can see the purpose for others but not for themselves. 

I'm here to tell you that we all have body image struggles. Even the people we admire and think look perfect have body image struggles. If I had one wish for all my clients it would be total, utter, unapologetic self-acceptance. Our bodies are our vehicle for moving through the world, creating, experiencing, giving and receiving love. Love doesn't care what you look like and love is the greatest gift we humans have while we're here. 

All that is well and good to say but it can be really hard if not damn near impossible to internalize. That's where a custom boudoir portrait session comes in. The act of commissioning art is the act of acknowledging that you are worthy/worth it. That you are a unique human being, there will never be anyone like you, and that is a beautiful thing. That you and your personality are worthy of being documented. That there is nothing wrong with you or your body, and in fact, there's everything right with you and your body.

Art can be transformational.

This boudoir portrait session is part of a collaborative project with Hannah, owner of Honey Holistic Esthetics in Middlebury. Hannah and I have been collaborating on celebrating women and helping women celebrate themselves as they are--without the "shoulds". You can check out Hannah's work at:

Website: http://hannahzeno.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoneyHolisticEsthetics/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/honeyzeno/

No one needs makeup or lingerie, or to shave, or do anything other than be their awesome selves to rock this type of session! But for some people, it's super fun and that's groovy too! 

Enjoy and follow along at the social links at the bottom of the page for more. 



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