Ending 2016 In Gratitude + Some Favorites

Wow! It’s been a year of change and growth like none I’ve seen before. It’s had me in a tailspin at times, feeling like I was constantly out of breath just trying to keep up. I know I wasn’t the only one, maybe you were there too. I learned so much about connection, others and myself.

There were challenges that made me grow. I faced fears and blocks. I met so many amazing people. So many of whom taught me about creating space for ourselves and each other, about healing and keeping an open heart. I’m grateful to every person who’s been involved with my art this year. Each experience has taught me so much about myself and where I want to go with it all. 

I know now that above all else I need to create from my heart. I know that it’s safe to be my sensitive, vulnerable, artist self with you. Because when you allow me into your lives, to document those special moments, that’s what I’m asking from you too. By doing this, we allow space for each other to be ourselves truly, and that’s some powerful stuff right there. 

I know that I need to create work that’s true to me and who I am as an artist. This means letting go of all pressure for my work to look like anything other than what it is. In this industry there's a lot of trends, and I've accepted that there's quite a few people who won't find value in my work unless it looks trendy. But copying trends and other people's work is not genuine and above all else, I want my work to be genuine. Being an artist is hard. It means you have to listen to your heart and pave your own way. It's not an easy road, nor should it be. I'm an artist and my work shouldn't look like anyone else's but my own, and that evolves as I learn and grow. So many of you gave me the space to do just that, to explore, to struggle through that, and at the end expressed so much love and appreciation. For that I’m so very grateful. Thank you! I love you for that!

I end this year with so many thoughts running through my head about what's to come but feeling so very, very blessed. Thanks to everyone who was a part of my art and made all this possible in 2016! Here are some of my favorites from this year. Love to you all! Happy new year! <3 


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