In-Home Couples Session | Jessica + Alberto | Burlington, VT

Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen?
— Maren Morris

Ok, even though they do a mean two-step I don't really know if these two like country music, and honestly, I'm usually not a fan myself but this is just how I feel about this couples in-home love session. It's how I feel about all my portrait photography sessions actually but some are just extra special. These two are from Texas and are just as warm and friendly as you hear Texans are (I have yet to visit).

There's actually something extra special about all my clients. They're all so very talented and hands-on. They build their own homes, or in this case fixing up their first home (she refinishes furniture!). I don't know where these people keep coming from but I feel so very blessed they keep wanting me to preserve and document their amazing lives and love. 

Every couple's story is so unique. Every couple's love is so unique. And because of that, every shoot is unique too. My shoots are very casual and fun. My goal is for everyone to feel comfortable being themselves and to capture their authentic selves.

I love that their family will get to enjoy these moments we created and captured for the rest of their lives. 

These two (and their five-month-old (!) Newfoundland puppy) are so fun. Enjoy!


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