In-Home Couples Session | Steph-Marie + Adam | Vermont


I never know just what I'll find in you, in your love, in your home, in your personalities, or your uninhibited fur baby. Whatever it is I'm always inspired, pleasantly surprised, humbled by your openness, and in awe of your unapologetic selves. Each couples shoot is totally unique. I especially love it when they're just because--no special occasion, no anniversary, no engagement, no birthday--just because you are special. Period.

Your love is a beacon of life.

Thank you Steph-Marie and Adam for letting me capture it.


P.S. Sometimes I walk away from a shoot with fresh eggs for my tummy. Sometimes I walk away with an awesome pair of shoes for my feet. Sometimes I walk away with interesting new thoughts for my brain. I always walk away with a happy soul. You are lovely!


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