Mommy & Me Portrait Session | Perchemlides Family | Middlebury, Vermont

“What’s your favorite thing about mommy?” He took a moment to think about it and said “Everything!”

Moms are always the ones taking the pictures. They're forever loving and caring and documenting. They need to be included in the family history pictures too though. I feel strongly that moms need to be appreciated and included too and what better way to do that than through professional lifestyle portrait photography. For this reason, my Mommy and Me sessions are some of my favorites. 

For this session, we had a very relaxed in-home shoot. Relaxed is actually typical of all my session. It's the best way to capture real personalities and emotions but it's also just better for everyone involved period. Winter can be great for family walks outside, or play dates in orchards but in-home sessions are always a safe bet during the cold months, especially for kids that can't tolerate the cold that well.

Natalia chose everyone's outfits and after everyone was ready it was time to just have some quality time hanging out with her two beautiful kids and have lots of hugs, cuddles and laughing (with snacks in between of course).  

The four season porch with its hanging day bed was the perfect place to start the shoot. Little Bernie Sanders and Schmutzy (the kittens) were picked up a lot and ate many stray cracker crumbs. 

I took the lead from them on how much direction to provide like I usually do. Once everyone's relaxed, there really doesn't need to be much at all. We talked about life in between shots, the kids showed me their favorite things and I asked Gabe "What's your favorite thing about mommy?" He took a moment to think about it and said "Everything".

Once the ice is broken there's usually a time when everyone starts to play and get a little wild. Every family is unique just like every personality is unique and it's such a joy to be able to appreciate and preserve that. 


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You, just as you are.