Whiskey Bartending Competition | Stonecutter Spirits | Williston, Vermont

The Stonecutter Spirits heritage cask whiskey competition at Waterworks Food + Drink in Williston last November (yes, it’s taken me a while to blog this one) was an amazing event. 

One of the amazing things about Vermont is the craft beer and cocktail scene. We have great taste and value craftsmanship and fresh, local ingredients.

Every bartender added incredible touches, from homemade candied tamarind, to star anise frozen inside ice cubes, to herbs smoked inside the glasses. I was there to photograph it and ‘oo!’ and ‘ah!' at the bartenders skill and drool over the drinks they made. It was a great crowd with so many really nice people and I’d jump for joy to be able to photograph another one of these events! 

If you’re a Vermonter, you’ll recognize some of the competitors who came from all over the state: Homestyle, Mad River Distillers, Leunig’s Bistro, Burlington Country Club, Pizzeria Verita, Vermont Country Club, Misery Loves Company, The Archives, Monarch and Milkweed, Half Lounge, Mule Bar, Homestyle Hostel, and Vermont Comedy Club. All amazing places to get yourself a drink.

Take a look at the amazing cocktails they created!