Trapp Family Lodge Destination Wedding In Stowe Vermont

Stowe is a quintessential spot for destination wedding in Vermont and the Trapp Family Lodge is one of the primary locations to have a destination wedding. Stowe is such a popular destination for Vermont weddings because of the incredible views, lodging, and food.

There's a field of Highland Long Hair cows and lots of good beer. It's the pinnacle of the Vermont experience as far as I'm concerned.

The groom was from France and I'm a bit of a Francophile, so with that and this amazing spot I was excited to second shoot this wedding for the absolutely amazing Danijela of Danijela Weddings from Toronto. I'm a huge fan of Danijela's work, real moments uniquely captured, moody and edgy--perfection.

I followed the groom and his crew around and captured the day from their end while Danijela captured the bride. So often the spotlight is on the bride but I want to question the way weddings have traditionally been handled. Why do we do these things? I want to approach my work in a more intentional way. I believe my clients, and everyone deserves that. The way weddings have traditionally been handled isn't always the best. There's a lot about them and attitudes that go with gendered roles that are problematic. That's not me and I want to be a part of changing that.

The Lodge is a luxurious Austrian-inspired ski lodge nestled in the mountains of Vermont. The lodge is rustic and the wedding party was classically chic--a great combination. It was a quiet and emotional day filled with plenty of emotion, hugs, fist bumps, champaign, and tears. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing these moments.

Venue: Trapp Family Lodge

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