How long is a session?

Most sessions include up to two hours of the photographer's (my) time. Additional hours can be purchased if needed or mini sessions if you don't need that much time. We'll have a chat before your session about what your needs are. 

How many images will I receive?

Sessions include 25-30 images.

How will I be able to view my images?

During a reveal session (either in person or via Skype) you'll view a slideshow I put together of your images. This give you the chance to view your images without any pressure and just enjoy!

How long will it take to receive my images?

Up to three weeks, depending on the time of year and how busy it is. I try to have most sessions delivered in two weeks. 

What do you suggest wearing?

The most important thing is for you to feel good and comfortable. I know you want to look your best, everyone does. But I also want to capture the real you. Casual jeans and plain, solid color t-shirt work well. I never tire of a loose and drapey, off-the-shoulder look. A dress works well too, but mostly I’d like the things you wear to be things you really like, that make you feel great and wear regularly. Desaturated earth tones are great: browns, reds, blue. I caution matching colors too well, but also clashing (one bright red and one bright blue doesn’t work that well). 

My one request: please don't wear orange. 

If you feel like looking at some amazing photos with great outfits, I've created this Pinterest board with inspiration and included captions as to what works and why it works.

Feel free to send me photos from your phone if you want advice on what to wear! I’m available for whatever questions you might have!

Where will the session be located?

Sessions take place either in your home or at a location. We'll talk about any locations you have in mind, I'll check it out, or you can leave it to me to find one.

Will the images be edited?

Yes! When you hire me, you're commissioning art work. Your images will be edited to my unique artistic aesthetic.

What does resolution mean?

Resolution refers to the size of the digital files of your images. The size of the resolution dictates the quality of the image and how large they can be displayed online or printed. 

Will I be able to put these photos on my social media accounts?

Yes. With your purchase of any prints, framed or a canvas, albums, or heirloom boxes, you'll receive all corresponding digital files of those images, sized perfectly for sharing on social media. 

Do you accept credit card?

You can pay your session deposit fee with a credit card through my 'shop' page and your in-person ordering session payment can be made with credit card also.

What happens if there's bad weather the day of the session?

We can reschedule your session if it's going to be quite bad. A light drizzle or snow can enhance the drama and mood of a location session.