Vermont Flower Collective

"Elisabeth is such a talented artist. She assisted us with photography and website development for our new business and we couldn't be happier. The photos are stunning and the website is intuitive, creative, elegant and thoughtful. And now that I come to think of it these are such appropriate descriptions because they actually describe Elisabeth herself. I sincerely recommend her services." - Caitlin

These amazing women came together to form a new business instead of becoming each other's competition. They realized that while there are lots of sustainable and local flowers being grown in Vermont, many are being purchased commercially from sources outside the state for weddings, events, and just to stock florist supply. These are not only less sustainable but lower quality as well. They had a brilliant idea to create a community and help florists throughout the state get their product in front of the right customers.

They came to me for strategy, branding for the business, a logo, website design, and branding photography to use throughout. The strategy helped them to really reign in all the awesome ideas they had floating between them and into a solid structure. The branding further solidified who they are, who they are serving, and where they are going. They purchased a package that includes four branding photography sessions with me throughout the year so they will have fresh new imagery to share on their website and social media that showcases the hard work and beautiful product they produce all year long. Their new website is allowing them to sell CSA and other subscription services as well as wedding packages and collect emails for marketing campaigns.

An awesome project and great results!