Intimate Backyard Wedding | Dorset, Vermont

When you find your people, you know.

When you find a photographer, caterer, and planner who fit you best you know.

I am not a vendor. I’m an artist. My work is intimate and I capture intimate moments in a very real way. I can’t do that if I’m just a vendor. I can’t be on the outside, a neutral, cold observer and still capture beautiful sweet moments in an emotional way.

Similarly, you want to find others to help you with your wedding or elopement that share your values. Having a purpose and vision in mind when you start can make an absolutely magical day.

Hillary and Nick’s backyard wedding is an excellent example of this. Their vision was to support local businesses/creatives and above all people, they know. They approached their wedding as extremely personal. And shouldn’t a wedding of all things be extremely personal? I know when you’re planning a wedding it can be extremely overwhelming and maybe you don’t know where to start, and maybe you have all sorts of ideas about what you’re supposed to do that have come from magazines and movies and the media in general.

The best weddings I’ve had the absolute pleasure of documenting are all approached in a personal way. Every aspect was added as a conscious decision as a personal representation of the couple and their connections and life choices.

Who says you can’t walk down the aisle together, hand-in-hand, as a couple. Who says the food shouldn’t be a central part of the day that all the guests can get involved in? Who says you need to have a white dress?

Every choice is yours to make, as Hillary and Nick did. You’ll see many personal choices they made and how beautiful their day was in the gallery below.

If you’re planning your own wedding and this resonates with you, please reach out to me. I’d love to talk to you both.