How to be less scared & make the most of your branding session

Have fun with it!

I get it, it can be intimidating. Most people feel uncomfortable when a camera is aimed at them. But most people also walk away from sessions with me exclaiming how easy & fun it was compared to what they thought it was going to be. Seriously! I've worked hard at learning how to make this as pain free as possible and make sure you walk away feeling great about yourself, because you have every reason to feel that way! So, my number one piece of advice is don't worry about it! You've hired me to take care of the heavy lifting. Yes, you can do a few things to prepare, but your job is to relax, have fun, & let me be your cheerleader.


Plan your outfits

The most important thing about your outfit choice is that you feel comfortable & confident in what you wear. Only wear items that you love. If it's not a hell yes, it's a hell no. Choosing colors that match well with your branding will help your messaging stay consistent (especially on your Instagram feed). I usually recommend folks stay away from big bold patterns so the focus will be you and not your clothes. However, if a big bold pattern is important to your branding, go for it! I also recommend staying away from orange. For the most part it stands out like a sore thumb, & competes too much with skin tones. While you don't need to wear makeup, I do recommend it. Photographs have a way of drawing attention to dark circles & color variations. Similarly, give some attention to your hair as well--give yourself an at-home blow out or head to the salon.


Make a shot list

What is the purpose of your session? Are you redoing your website? How many banner/hero images do you need? How many headshot variations do want to display? Having a list of the images you most definitely need out the session will put us ahead and ensure you get what you need. Usually we end up with many more images than the shot list, but we'll make sure to get the list first! Arrange to have a friend or client pose with you. If you don't have someone to appear as a client & need a model, let me know.


Make a playlist

Music is a great way to make everyone feel more comfortable & relaxed during a session. If our session is outside, where we might be walking around from spot to spot it might be realistic to play music but even if you listen to your playlist on your way to our session it'll help get you in the boss mood.


business woman sitting at desk looking back at camera

Location, location, location

Where do you want to have your session? Do you have a cute at-home office space? Or do you need to find a different space? Not everyone is lucky enough to (currently) work in a beautiful space. However, even if it's small or cluttered we can often work with it by moving things and carving out corners & spaces that look a bit more styled. If that's still not an option are think about other spaces that you like that fit your branding. Examples of locations for past sessions include, cafes, friend's house, outside, another businesses large waiting room, or my personal favorite: rent a room at a hotel or Airbnb you've been wanting to stay at and have a mini work vacation!




Want more? Check out Part 2 of this post that's for ALL sessions, whether boudoir, engagement, or personal branding.



Don't take my word for it.


It was quick, easy, and no fuss. Most of all you made me feel at ease and most importantly I love the pictures you took.


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