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Top 3 tips to prepare for your photography session (Pt. 2)

This one's for everyone, for every session! In part 1 I discussed how to prepare for a branding session and while some of those tips definitely are applicable to all sessions, I wanted to share tips for everyone for every session, whether it's boudoir, an engagement, elopement, personal branding, or headshots. So here it is, my top 3 tips AND I share some free resources I love.

Feel great about yourself

In part 1 of this article, the very first piece of advice I shared was to HAVE FUN WITH IT! To continue with my tip for how to have fun with it (go read it here to catch up if you missed it), I'm advising you to feel great about yourself. Go for a walk in a beautiful place with your tunes, do some yoga. My favorite, do some crunches and squats. This is my GO TO! The point is NOT to lose weight or look a certain way. It's about how you feel. You deserve to feel good in your skin no matter what you look like. And it's just good for all aspects of your life and business. You could also consider doing a power pose. There's some science behind it and a TED Talk.


Give yourself a blow out

Ok, I did make brief mention of this in part 1 but seriously if you do nothing else, give yourself a blow out and put some concealer and mascara on. Better yet, get someone else to do these things for you. If you can afford it you deserve to feel like a Queen! No matter what your gender is. In my experience these thing make everyone feel more prepared for the camera!


Get a pep talk?

If you're feeling some fraud-y feelings popping up talk to your business coach or check out this episode from Marie Forleo on dealing with Imposter syndrome. She's seriously amazing and well worth your time for all aspects of your life, not just business.


Don't take my word for it.


I was so nervous leading up to the shoot, but I felt very comfortable from the moment we met until we parted ways. Her ability to see moments most would miss shows a true artistic ability—one that I rarely see."

- Gabriela

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