Mountaintop Wedding in Killington Vermont

With weddings, as with so many things I believe less is more. Less people, less commotion means you can focus on what really matters to you on your wedding. Quality over quantity. You can focus on the moment, the beautiful ritual and meaning of what you are doing, the next step in your lives. Less noise means living intentionally. You can focus more on your connection and love for each other but also the people who mean the most to you.

This wedding took place in the mountains of Killington, Vermont. I was happy to second shoot for Kristy Burrell of Kristy Burrell Photography, a great artist. Killington is another destination wedding and elopement location of Vermont and New England. I'm definitely biased but I know I'm not the only one who thinks this is a magical place as many come here every year to hike the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail. There's a mysterious and mystical quality to the mountains of Vermont--similar to the sea. A quiet wildness that makes me contemplate the power and vastness of life and what I want from my time here. I go to these mountains for refuge from the pressure of life and for clarity and understanding when everything just gets to be too much. And I go with my partner. Together we quietly get lost for hours in the wilderness and come back refreshed by the earth and forest. Naturally, I think these mountains are a perfect place for an intimate wedding or elopement.

The bride lovingly made all the decorations for this wedding with her own hands. She crafted items that had meaning for her and her partner for life. Their connection felt deep, as if they'd known each other all their lives. They both cried a lot and so did I. By the end of the ceremony, my mascara was covering my cheeks, my glasses were completely fogged, and I realized I need to invest in some good waterproof mascara.

I love to work with couples who are not just passionate about each other, but who are alive. People who allow love and connections to resonate deep through them.  A table near the wedding party at the ceremony held framed pictures of their dear lost friends and family. Throughout the day many made visits to look at their loved ones, cry, tell stories and drink a beer in their honor.

Those who feel deeply, those who embrace love--those are my people. Those are people I understand.

I hope you enjoy these few images from this intimate wedding in the magically healing mountains of Vermont.

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