Personal branding photography for Interior designers in Vermont

Personal Branding Photography for Interior Designers

It's super important for all service based businesses to show their faces on both social media and on websites in order to connect with your audience. These interior designers has a personal branding photoshoot in one of their designed homes. You can see their friendly personalities bursting from these images. After this shoot we did many regularly scheduled photoshoots and they've told me how much of a difference professional photography has made in their business, increasing their audience, attracting their target market, and increasing sales. That's the power of strategic professional photography.

The strategy part happens before the shoot. I send each client my proprietary Personal Branding Photoshoot Planner to make sure we images that will sell their service the best way possible. The planner also help you plan your own marketing efforts and gives you fresh marketing ideas. My clients also use the planner even when taking phone photos themselves to post to social media for their businesses.

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