Personal Branding Photography For Author & Writing Coach

Published author and writing coach Ally is no stranger to the idea that professional photography is what connects your audience to your business and sells your stuff. Without physical products to entice customers, service-based businesses rely heavily on professional photography. For service-based businesses, you are literally the face of your business. People need to see your face but also your process. Your target client will need to see your images many many times before they buy. Now more than ever with so many options available to them at the click of a button.

Ally bought an annual Retainer package that allowed her to get tons of images that she could use to regularly post on social media, use for graphics, update her website with, and so much more since she's a published author and has many opportunities for speaking gigs and podcast guest gigs. She wanted to make sure we showed how fun she is and that her business, writing, never comes across as dull. We had several shoots throughout the year which gave her options for different locations and seasons. We brought in models to act as her clients so her audience can see her interacting with people and envision themselves working with her.

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