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Personal Branding Photography for Custom Wedding Jeweler

Courtney is an LGBT+ friendly custom wedding jeweler with a growing business. So, she needed new Personal Branding Photography. It was important to her that her ideal clients would feel comfortable working with her after viewing her website and social media. She wanted to look very down to earth and personable. To do this, she booked her real like custom wedding band clients to model for her photoshoot.

The clients she selected to model were already her ideal clients. So they were a great match. She even chose to reveal one couple's completed custom wedding bands during the shoot. The results are some truly authentic moments of her clients that show what working with her is like.

Because she need to attract higher end wedding clients, we specifically scouted locations that would reflect her branding and appeal to that particular market. The location we settled on for the shoot was in Stowe, Vermont. Stowe was a great choice because a lot of Vermont destination weddings happen in there.

Because we were shooting at a location that was not Courtney's workshop, I also brought a white backdrop to fake a wall behind the dining table as her workshop. So, we not only got images of her client meetings where she shows options and designs for custom wedding bands and delivers them to the client but also we got images of her working her jewelry.

Because I also design branding and websites I'm keenly aware of the need for a variety of images that can be used on a website or in graphics for marketing. You'll see plenty of those images too in this personal branding photography gallery for this LGBT+ friendly custom wedding band maker in Vermont.

Check out the gallery below and then book your own personal branding photography session.

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