Private Estate Micro Wedding

This wedding proves that a micro backyard wedding doesn't have to be less than. This intimate private estate micro wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I've seen. The same care was taken with styling as with any wedding and it was even more meaningful for having taken place on the family estate in Middlebury Vermont.

Kathryn and Nick are both classically trained musicians and have a band with a cult following. A creative duo like this is bound to create a beautiful wedding experience. They styled and planned the wedding themselves. The florals were very minimal, natural, and matched the seasonal plantings around the property making the existing landscaping seem like it had all been planned for the wedding.

The guest list was intimate, only including immediate family. The reception overlooked the impeccably landscaped pool and Adirondack mountains of New York in the distance. Favors were hand dyed gifts and funny masks (because COVID) made by the bride.

If I ever thought less of backyard weddings, this private estate micro wedding changed all that. It was so romantic, intimate, chic and filled with moments of absolute joy. I just love working with creative couples. We go into the wedding day already having so much in common.

Florals by Nectar and Root

MUA Laela Beauty

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