Seaside Yacht Club Wedding in Cape Cod Massachusetts

Last year I had the absolute pleasure to second shoot this wedding for the amazingly talented and sweet human Hannah of Ramblefree Photo Co. in Cape Cod. It took place in the gorgeous little town of Marion, Massachusetts and the reception was at the Beverly Yacht Club down the road.

The couple had a beautiful and private portrait session on the beach after their wedding, then were brought to their reception at the yacht club by tugboat. After tear filled toasts and some super funky dancing they cut their pie with sabers.

This couple really created a wedding day for themselves, that was unique and filled with things that had meaning and were fun for them. If I have one wish or message for all future wedding couples it's to be creative, do what calls to you, what has meaning for you. It's your day to celebrate your unique relationship. You're putting a lot of effort, time and money into it. You should enjoy it. Make it for you. Own your day.

The sea calls me and this place is truly magical. I felt so in awe of it when my partner and I walked in fog, miles down the beach and in the dunes of Sandy Neck Beach that I only later realized that I didn't pick up my camera to take any personal pictures while we were there. I just wanted to savor every second of the mysterious and magical sea. I will be returning to this place many times. If you're looking for a destination for your New England wedding, this is one to seriously consider.

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