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The Perfect Location For Your Personal Branding Photography

The right location for your Personal Branding Photography is key. The goal for your images is to connect with your audience and generate sales. The location is one of many ways we accomplish that. So, choosing the perfect location is an important part of planning your photo shoot.

After getting a little coaching by me, Emily picked outfits and found the perfect location to rent for her shoot that perfectly reflect her branding. Her business is professional organizing, so it's important for her audience to feel calm when looking at her imagery. With her clean and airy location we created images that are inspirational and show what a home can look like with Emily's help. Her minimal wardrobe with neutral earth tones has a clean and reassuring quality without becoming cold and clinical. Her hair and makeup were natural and minimal also matching her brand.

Like every other style choice for your shoot, your location is a reflection of your business. The right location will help to build like, know, and trust factor. For example, a high end market won't respond to images of the local hippie cafe.

Sometimes our homes are where we work but they aren't appropriate for a Personal Branding Session. Your home might not match your brand. Or maybe you don't want to have to worry about clearing away all the kids toys for your shoot. Or maybe you haven't been able to style it like you want yet.

When choosing a location, if your own home is not an option there are lots of other possibilities. Think about a friend's home, AirBnB, or Vrbo. Even some hotels work if there are spaces that look and feel appropriate to your brand. Think office rooms or nooks. And bonus, you get to have a weekend away! The most important thing is that the space matches your vision for your brand and attracts rather than repels your ideal client. Yes, location is super important but don't be daunted. I work with each client and coach them on every aspect of putting together a well styled shoot that will attract your ideal customer.

Check out the selection below from this professional organizer's Personal Branding Photography Session and then book your own.

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