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Why You Need New Professional Headshots

Hint: it's all about connection

Get noticed

It's true across the board but you may have already read the statistics LinkedIn provides regarding headshots. Profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views. People connect to an image infinitely more than they connect to words. Let then see your smiling face & connect with you.


Vermont headshot photographer

First impressions matter

We all know we need to put our best foot forward in an interview. You carefully select your outfit & do your hair & makeup. Professional headshots will do that effort for you, but all the time. They exist on your website, social media, LinkedIn profile, on your book, etc. In one study, professional headshots increased perceived competence, likability, & influence!


Be prepared

Just like you should keep your resume & CV up to date, you should also have fresh headshots regularly. You'll be prepared when you need them, for a new job or project & won't have to scramble at the last minute. So, when you get that new book published, or want to apply for a new modeling gig, you'll already have fresh headshots to send. Where you invest your time, energy, & money is where you will see rewards.


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Stand out from the crowd & show the world what's unique about your brand.

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